Financing Alternatives for Smaller Businesses

Charts and Graphcs

Financing the cash needs of a smaller business, other than from the personal assets of the business owner, can be challenging particularly with little operating history.  As smaller businesses continue to face challenges when it comes to gaining access to capital and taking advantage of … [Read more...]

What is Risk Management?

Risk Management

Risk management is one of the four major areas of responsibility of a CFO in a business and it includes the following functions: Internal Controls Treasury Management Insurance Programs Working Capital Optimization Business Process Optimization But really… what is Risk … [Read more...]

Turning Business Vision Into A Reality through Strategy

Financial Management Strategy

In prior discussions, we’ve discussed the role and responsibilities of a CFO for any business, and the top 10 concerns of a CFO. We’ve categorized the responsibilities of a CFO into four categories (shown below) and reviewed how the functions in the Financial Management and Performance categories … [Read more...]

Employee Retention is Critical in a Tight Labor Market

Employee Rentention

As the local economy has recovered from the recent great recession years, employment numbers have also rebounded toward the peak levels of early 2007.  Recent employment stats show that in the three-county area, employment numbers are within 1% of peak levels in 2007.  At the same time, the area … [Read more...]

Exit Strategy – Goals for the Sale of Your Business

When planning to sell your business, it’s essential to do just that – plan!  The sale of your business is likely to be the largest and most complex financial transaction of your lifetime.  The foundation for a successful sale of your business is a plan or exit strategy.  Without a plan and … [Read more...]