Financial Management: More than Just Financial Statements

Financial Management

Of the many responsibilities falling within the role of a CFO, as diagrammed below, most people are most familiar with those having to do with Financial Management.  However, even within the familiar function of Financial Management, there is some degree of misperception of what a CFO actually … [Read more...]

Identifying Opportunities to Increase Sales & Improve Profits

CFO Performance

We’ve previously discussed the role and responsibilities of a CFO for any business, and the top 10 concerns of a CFO. Additionally, specific areas of responsibility have been described which address these concerns and detail the role of a CFO, summarized as follows: This discussion focuses on … [Read more...]

Top 10 Concerns of Every CFO

Scope of Services

As we’ve previously discussed, a CFO’s role is very broad and encompasses functions critical to a business’ success.  Every CFO, and Business Owner, should be most concerned about the following: Managing cash flow – Without sufficient cash, the business cannot operate.  A CFO is concerned not … [Read more...]

New Year Business Planning Strategy

The beginning of a new business year is upon us. This is an excellent opportunity to build energy for the new year by reflecting upon the successes and challenges of your business.  Here are some tips and ideas for constructive activities to prepare your business for a new year. I. Evaluate this … [Read more...]