Business Analysis

Business AnalysisDo you wonder how your financial performance compares to financial benchmarks of your business peers? Or what your financial information might reveal as opportunities to strengthen or grow your business? Our Business Analysis of your business provides this and more.

Our Business Analysis includes:

  • Confidential initial meetings with you, the Business Owner/CEO, and key management to gather information and discuss the business, its goals and strategies, your concerns, etc.
  • Review and analysis of financial information including monthly and annual financial statements and performance metric reporting.
  • Gathering and analysis of industry benchmark comparisons.
  • Preparation of a confidential, custom-tailored Business Analysis report reflecting the following:
    • Brief review of the business, summarizing its product or service, customer segments, competitive differentiation and value proposition, and cost structure and revenue streams.
    • Recent financial performance of the business.
    • Key financial trends of the business.
    • Business performance in comparison to financial benchmarks of business peers.
    • The key differentiators of your business relative to the competition.
    • Goals and objectives of the business and the Business Owner.
    • Observations of short and long-term opportunities for the business.
    • Recommendations related to strategies for achieving short and long-term goals.
  • Final meeting with you, the Business Owner/CEO, to review the Business Analysis report.

The Business Analysis process described above generally represents an upfront investment of time by Suncoast CFO Solutions of approximately 10 hours, but is offered to you for a cost of only $500 – no strings attached! If you’d like to learn more about how our Business Analysis can benefit your business, we’d be happy to talk with you; please contact us.