Benchmarking Your Business

Benchmarking Your Business

Benchmarking provides a means to compare your business against similar businesses, and identify areas where you can improve your performance. Rather than being a pointless exercise in data analysis, it can help you identify areas where you can implement changes and make your business more … [Read more...]

An Essential Element of a Successful Business: A Business Plan

Suncoast CFO Consultative Solution

At the forefront of every successful business is an entrepreneur with a passion for an idea or concept to produce and deliver a product or service that is unique and satisfies a need in the marketplace.   Entrepreneurs are constantly thinking about how to create value and build new businesses, or … [Read more...]

Preparing for Successful Debt Funding

Debt Funding

Applying for a business loan can be time-consuming and complicated. But proper preparation is critical as there may be only one opportunity for credit approval. Loan requests may be declined based solely on insufficient or inaccurate data, even though the business may be credit worthy. With this in … [Read more...]

Turning Business Vision Into A Reality through Strategy

Financial Management Strategy

In prior discussions, we’ve discussed the role and responsibilities of a CFO for any business, and the top 10 concerns of a CFO. We’ve categorized the responsibilities of a CFO into four categories (shown below) and reviewed how the functions in the Financial Management and Performance categories … [Read more...]

New Year Business Planning Strategy

The beginning of a new business year is upon us. This is an excellent opportunity to build energy for the new year by reflecting upon the successes and challenges of your business.  Here are some tips and ideas for constructive activities to prepare your business for a new year. I. Evaluate this … [Read more...]