Consultative Solution

Suncoast CFO Consultative Solution

A more moderate level of service provided by Suncoast CFO Solutions is a Consultative role which includes not only the Advisory Services, but also:

  • Reviewing the Business Plan that describes the overall business, it’s customer value proposition, it’s competitive differentiators, a marketing plan and a three-year financial plan.
  • Revisiting the Business Plan on a quarterly basis to compare against actual performance and updating the plan as needed to reflect changes in the business.
  • Monthly performance review and analysis including trends toward achieving goals and objectives.
  • Reporting and interpreting monthly Key Metrics of the business– those performance indicators that measure critical aspects of business performance.
  • Assistance in creation/refinement of a formal budget process and performance review.
  • Guidance in strategic decision making with the Business Owner and key management.

Being available to the business throughout the month, the primary focus of the Consultative Solution is that business performance is closely monitored, measuring progress toward goals and objectives established by the Business Owner. Financial results are analyzed to identify opportunities for improved performance.  Business Plans are utilized to help establish goals and achieve success.  The Consultative Solution is intended to require approximately $2,000 per month.